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Just trying to get the message out there, I hope this helps someone 


I had panic attack 8th-11th grade. Not fun. It was so scary. Signal boost.

Rule 1 of first aid for helping those suffering a panic attack: Keep your fucking self calm. Don’t flail around and scream for help. YOU need to take charge. YOU need to be there for the person suffering the attack.

Some helpful hints:

- Hold their arm/hand. Squeeze gently when you breathe in. Encourage them to breathe with you if they can.
- Stay calm.
- Ask them to count to one as they breathe in and out. Then count to two. Then three.
- Stay with them. Tell them you are staying with them.
- Get rid of crowds. No really.
- Remind them it will not last longer than twenty minutes. Reassure them you have been timing it and it’s nearly over.
- Stay calm. (Did I mention this…)
- When they have settled, give them a small drink and maybe something small to eat - lollipops or candy sweets are good.
- Don’t instantly want answers about the attack or trigger. Talk about something, literally ANYTHING ELSE.
- Stay calm.

[This comes from being a certified first aider at work, having a panic and anxiety disorder myself and having a student with severe attacks - I’ve dealt with four this week alone.]

This is incredibly good advice.

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as a person with bi-polar that effects my life EVERYDAY- i am BEYOND distgusted with your existance @MileyCyrus




This is my boy Pencey. He was a feral kitten i brought home 5 years ago. He was about 5 weeks old. He was very quiet, we took him to the vet to discover he had almost everything a feral cat can have and we were told had i not brought him home, he would have died within a week. 

Since bringing him home that night, he has had crystals in his urine which almost killed him, kidney troubles, major lung infection and has to regularly take CatLax.

He is best friends with my sisters little dog Louie. Here is a picture of them together:


Louie is fully grown and is still smaller than Pencey.

Today mum got home from work and on the way to answer the phone to me, she found a baby brown snake in the dining room and killed it. Brown snakes are one of the most venomous snakes in the world. Mum told me Pencey mum have brought it inside and that he was being quiet and sluggish. I told her to immediately call the vet and that i would cover all costs.

By the time mum got him to the vet, he wasn’t well so they’ve had to put him straight on oxygen. By his symptoms, mum told me he either has another major lung infection or he has in fact been bitten by that brown snake. I don’t know if he is going to live. CURRENTLY, the bill for his care sits somewhere between $250 and $300. No idea how much higher that bill will get but i really don’t give a fuck. He is my baby, he will always be my baby. The only reason he doesn’t live with me is because he is best friends with Louie the dog. They sleep together, eat together, play together, clean each other. We couldn’t separate them, so he stayed with my mum.

I’m fucking terrified he is about to die.

Update 1 26.3.2013

Update 27.3.2013, 9am:

They are certain Pencey did get bitten by the Brown snake, Pencey has to get a chest x-ray today because last night his lungs filled with fluid and every time they take him off the oxygen he starts panting and declining in health again but whenever they put him back on oxygen he calms down and starts purring again. They think maybe because of how sick he was when he was a kitten from being a feral that whenever something goes bad with his health the rest of his body reacts especially badly as well; particularly his lungs. The bill now stands somewhere between $400 and $500. If he needs more treatment after the x-ray the bill will get higher. 

So now at this point i am asking for help to pay for Pencey’s vet expenses. It looks like the bill is going to rise closer to $1000. Pencey is my baby boy, i raised him from when he was 5 weeks old. I can’t let him die, everything needs to be done to save him. My mum is poor, she does not have the money to pay for Pencey’s treatment so i’ve said i will cover it but the bill going over $500 puts a pretty big hole in our cash. If you can help us pay for his vet expenses, please hit the donate button on the left hand side of my blog. Any help you can give is appreciate greatly. 


Please help pay for Pencey’s medical expenses!

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this is the best thing i’ve ever seen on tumblr oh my god

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An EPIDEMIC. That’s right. nearly 50% of people know some with an ED. Spread the word. Help people. Beauty is not the number on the scale or in the back of your jeans. 

Finally something with weight diversity. Well. A little weight diversity. It’s still an improvement on those nasty triggering ED posters, but how about a little bit more. A guy maybe? Maybe even a PoC?

Yes, please.

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this isn’t science… this is murder. ffs.


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